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Neumann Monson   (Iowa City, IA)

"Architecture is about creating a space thatís more than just a building. Architects want to create spaces that impact people and make them feel excited, or ensure that they enjoy being in the space."

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Date: 01/09/08

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City Planner

City of Urbana   (Urbana, IL)

University of California, Berkeley - M.D.

"Today people are more concerned with sustainability and environmental soundness than ever before. They seek the advice of city planners to improve neighborhoods and better their quality of life."

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Date: 02/03/08

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Civil Engineer

Universal Oil Projects LLC   (Champaign, IL)

Illinois Institute of Technology

"As an engineer, you can find a job anywhere in the world."

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Date: 01/22/08

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Senior Home Mortgage Consultant

Grand Rapids, MI

"Every day of my job, I know Iím working toward making somebodyís life better."

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Date: 12/25/07